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aníko is a destination where authentic cycladic
vibes are combined with a variety of services to
provide a complete myconian experience during
your stay.

Private Transfers

We can offer a 24-hour booking service and secure your private transfers reservations. Whether you need transport from or to the airport, or you need to return to your accommodation after a long night, we can schedule a private transport package.

Car or other vehicles Rental

Different types of vehicles are available for all travelers. From fun Buggy cars, motorbikes and ATVs to comfortable city cars and luxury high performance SUVs, we can arrange the most suitable vehicle solution for your trip.

Wellness SPA

Release your worries and your stress with a personalized massage and SPA treatment experience. Choose from a variety of different massage therapies, reflexology and aesthetic treatments to treat and reward yourself.

Special Requests

Due to the wide range of cultures and styles of our visitors, we understand that some needs cannot be described or predicted to be preorganized. Nevertheless, our team can provide solutions for unique services under customer’s demand.

Additional services for your stay

We recognize individuality, and we understand that each visitor may have different needs. Thus, additional services may be provided to cover each customer’s demands. Whether you request a private chef to cook traditional Greek meals at home, someone to take care of your personal laundry, extra housekeeping, a personal trainer or something else which can be important to
you for a memorable holiday, we are here to help you.

Yachting and Boat Charter

Daily boat and yacht charters are perfect for exploring the island and visiting beaches that are accessible only by the sea. Whether you are a small or large group of people, experienced and attentive crew will secure an amazing adventure for you.

Real Estate Development and Construction

Mykonos island is a mesmerizing place! Visitors can be seduced by its beauty and understand also its value as an investment paradise. Our experienced team in the local real estate market can offer: suggestions of properties for various types of investment depending on each customer’s profile, capital revenue models of real estate investments in Mykonos, Business plans for property development, Economical and Engineering Consulting on development procedures and Turn Key options on real estate development investments.

Tour and Travel Arrangements

Half Day or Daily tours and excursions are available and aim to cover different styles of touristic activities. Our guests may choose from Jeep safari and private tours on the island to Day Cruises and Boat excursions on neighbor islands Santorini, Paros, Naxos, Syros or Tinos.

Babysitter Service

Experienced babysitters can help families with children to enjoy holidays without restrictions. For night or day hours, experienced nannies can help parents with inhouse presence or by accompanying them to the place of their choice.

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