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aníko is a destination where authentic cycladic
vibes are combined with our suggestions ensuring
the absolute myconian experience.

Chill and
unwind with us!

Mykonian downtown, famous for the white houses, the small alleys and the amazing vibes! Chora is a magical place for every visitor who may stroll in the alleys and discover the windmills, ‘’Little Venice’’ and old churches. “Paraportiani”, built in the 17th century is a complex of 5 different churches combined in one. In ‘’Gialos’’ area you will see the old townhall, and the typical buildings called ‘’Kapetanospita’’; the houses of the wealthy ship owning families of the past.


Delos was a sacred place in the greek antiquity. In Mythology it was where Leto hide from Ira to give birth to Apollo-Helios; god of daylight and Zeus’ son. Even though it is one of the smallest islands in the Aegean, Delos was the center of civilization, of religion, of trade and of wealth in the ancient times. A visit to the island will surprise and amaze the visitors, being able to walk the ancient paths, see the ancient buildings that miss only the roof tops and understand the structure of the society, the culture of the people and the rhythms of the everyday life of an ancient city with 30.000 habitants who lived there 2.500 years ago.


Crystal blue and emerald waters and beaches of unparalleled beauty! Each beach in Mykonos offers a unique experience!! Kalo Livadi, Agios Sostis, Ftelia, Ornos, Paraga, Psarou and many others are there for the visitors to discover. You may relax in the luxury beach bars or visit isolated uncharted beaches; the choice is yours!

Faros Sunsets

The Lighthouse, one of the places worth visiting while in Mykonos. It was build in the end of the 19th century and one can enjoy the most unbeatable sunsets that the island has to offer!!

Parties and Nightlife

What is there to say about the nightlife and parties of Mykonos. All concepts of partying can be found here; bars and clubs in the alleys of Chora or beachbars that transform in the sunset. Paradise, Ornos, Mantogiania, Psarou, Little Venice in a continuous bar and party hopping from midday till the morning of the next day. Good vibes and good music create unforgettable nights… and days!

Gastronomical Paradise

Some of the most prestigious chefs and famous restaurants of the world can be found in Mykonos. The traditional cuisine combined with international experience is presented in unique ways from the best chefs in the world.