COVID-19 Update


At aníko suites we emphasize on the safety and health of our guests and staff, ensuring that the cleaning process and the operation of our accommodation is done according to the instructions of the WHO and the Greek authorities.

Cleanliness is our top priority, so we also disinfect our premises with the use of chemicals to kill germs and reduce the spread of COVID-19.

    1. We ventilate all the rooms and common areas.
    2. The cleaning staff wears protective equipment (masks, disposable gloves).
    3. We wash all linen at the highest allowable temperature recommended by the manufacturer (sheets, mattresses, hand and body towels, bathmats and blankets).
    4. Items such as curtains, carpets and decorative pillows are cleaned with the appropriate cleaners suitable and in the washing machine if possible.
    5. We always change bags in the trash cans.
    6. We supply extra towels and sheets, hand soap and tissues especially for visitors that will stay for many days in order to maintain a high level of cleanliness and hygiene.
    7. There is an installed disinfectant dispenser in every apartment.
    8. We offer the possibility to our guests to check-in and check-out from a key storage box without our presence.